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Zip Line Ornaments & Bungee Jump Ornaments

Zip lines have been used for 1000s of years, most notably originally in remote areas of China in order to pass goods and supplies from one village to another across a river or gorge. In some military applications, a zip line made of rope with a small cart underneath is referred to as a flying fox for the passing of ammunition between positions on the battle field. Zip lines were introduced for home use as short, plastic covered cables in the 70s for a short time and then fizzled out in the US. Around 2000, they've enjoyed a resurgence and can frequently be found on children's playgrounds. Of note, the longest zip line in the world is also the world's tallest and steepest. Located in Nepal, it covers a distance of 1.12 miles end to end, features a vertical drop of 2,000 ft, and reaches a top speed of 75 mph. Not to be outdone, Zip World has recently opened in Wales. It's not quite a mile long, but it is the world's fastest at 99 mph. For those who desire an ever greater thrill, there's no practical application at all for falling 100s or 1000s of feet, but is sure can be a lot of fun, and our bungee cord ornament celebrate the bravery of boys and girls who dare to free fall. Both of these personalized Christmas ornaments makes great mementos, capturing the thrill of a lifetime.

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