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Historically, gymnastics enjoyed widespread popularity as both exercise and an exhibition sport in ancient Greece. By the time the Romans took over, the Greek "lessons" were maintained only insofar as they were appropriate to military training. After this wane and ultimate disappearance, gymnastics remained dormant until gymnastics were introduced to France by a Spaniard in the early 1800s. However, it was Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, a German, who introduced exercises on horizontal and parallel bars as well as the vaulting horse around the same time in Germany. After enjoying pockets of success in various European cities, a Federation of International Gymnastics was founded in Liege, France in early 1881, firmly establishing the discipline as a sport. Worldwide acclaim followed when introduced at the Olympic Games in 1896. It's against this rich, and in earlier times precarious history that we enthusiastically offer our gymnastics ornaments. We offer various disciplines including the rings, pommel horse and parallel bars, for boys and girls, both blond and brunette. You can personalize a gymnastics ornament for a special athlete to acknowledge their accomplishments in this demanding and difficult sport. All of our personalized gymnastics Christmas ornaments arrive (at your option) in our velvet bag, ready to make a great gift.

Gymnastics Ornaments Wholesale

For team coaches we offer our gymnastics ornaments at wholesale, cheap or in bulk depending upon your needs. We can personalize each female or male gymnast ornament with her or his name and the year. You could alternately personalize your bulk order with the team name and/or the name of a specific competition and the date or year. We can provide an assortment of boy gymnastics ornaments and girl gymnastics ornaments based on your school needs. Click on the Contact Us link below and let us know how we can assist you.

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