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Snowboarding Ornaments

Snowboarding is conceptually as old as mankind has had fun in the snow. Tree planks and other boards, as well as box bottoms have been used to make a run down the snow covered hill. But boards resembling today's modern snowboard didn't come about until the late 1960s. Dimitrije Milovich, regarded by most people as the father of modern snowboarding, developed and then manufacturer the first snowboards. Articles appeared in Newsweek and magazine about the man and his new sport. While Milovich's designs were based on surfboards, in 1977 Jake Burton developed the first laminated board with bindings. In 1982, the first national snowboard race was held in Vermont, USA and from there the sport gained international popularity. Snowboarding first appeared at the International Olympic Games in Nagano in 1988. Perhaps its most famous athlete today is Shaun White, well known for his multiple flips and turns and twists in the air. In celebration of the artistry and athleticism of this dynamic sport, we offer our snowboard ornaments. Find a snowboarder ornament for boys and girls, blonds and brunettes. In addition to the skier's name and the year, where shown you can also include a custom sentiment on the reverse side of the ornament, each of which arrives in our classic black velvet pouch, ready to make a great personalized Christmas ornament gift.

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