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Hiking, as a sport, is rooted in the trek toward the ultimate goal. Specifically, mountain climbing, reaching distant peaks gave rise to the willingness to trek from comfortable home through the wilderness to the pinnacle of achievement. While indigenous tribes have climbed to mountain peaks over eons for religious motivations, the first trek on record was made by the Roman Emperor Hadrian to Etna, the volcano located outside the modern city of Sicily. It is from this sense of adventure and braving nature and the desire to conquer that modern hiking was born. Nowadays, hiking is less about conquering nature and more about enjoying her beauty. It is in that spirit that we offer our hiking ornaments that can be personalized for men and women, boys and girls. We also offer a hiking boot ornament that you can personalize with the name of a river, mountain pass, or mountain peak. Whatever your goal, we hope you find the perfect hiking ornament to commemorate your special trip into nature.

Hiking Ornaments Wholesale

From time to time we receive requests about wholesale or discount hiking ornaments cheap. We're happy to provide a quotation for your hiking group or group trip. Discounts usually begin at 24 ornaments, and you can have an assortment of hiking boot ornament, hiking couple ornaments, and ornaments for individual hikers. Each of our hiker or hiking Christmas ornaments arrives in our black velvet bag, ready to make a wonderful and thoughtful gift commemorating personal achievement and a wonderful trek. Simply click on the Contact Us link below and send us the details.

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