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While riding waves for fun dates back many 1000s of years, surfing as we know it today was invented by the Polynesian inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands. We offer paddleboard ornaments to celebrate this original style of surfing. Described by passing European ships in the late 1700s, paddle boarding pre-dates their visit by several 100s of years. Surfing was first brought to California in 1907 by importing a Hawaiian native to demonstrate the skills as a promotional event for Henry Huntington's new LA-Redondo-Huntington railroad on what we now consider a traditional surf board. There are other reports of East Coast and Australian imports of Hawaiian surfing various from around 1910 - 1920. However, it wasn't until the national release of the 1960s movie Gidget that surfing moved from a few weekend practitioners here and there to a national obsession. The girls in the film were eyeing the best surf boys, so naturally surfing became a way young men tried to impress the ladies on both US coasts. A number of movies and surfing documentaries since have kept the public's attention on surfing and the very best athletes of the sport. In honor of this challenging and rewarding sport, we offer our surfing ornaments collection. Choose a surfing ornament personalized for a boy or girl, blond or brunette. We also have decorative surfboard and paddleboard ornaments, Santa surfing ornament ideas, surf ornaments in blown glass, and a surf van ornament. Each personalized surfer ornament arrives in our black velvet drawstring bag, ready to make a fun and thoughtful personalized Christmas ornament gift.

Surfing Christmas Ornaments Wholesale and in Bulk

If you're having a birthday party, we can create an assortment of surf themed party favors for your guests. You can personalize them individually, or in bulk personalized with the name of the party or host's well wishes. You can also pre-personalize surfboard Christmas ornaments for the winners in your surfing competition. Whatever your needs, let us know. We're happy to create a bulk or wholesale package for you.

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