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While humans have been running as long as animals have chased them, as civilization progressed out of the forest and into today's dwellings, running became a competitive sport, as well as an activity pursued for the purpose of health. As a competitive sport, running is much older than the Olympic Games themselves. According to Irish folklore, the Tailteann Games began around 1600 BC and they are confirmed to be held until the Norman invasion of around 1170 A.D. Running was definitely an event in the Olympic Games' very beginning, put variously around 776 B.C. Today, running is one of the most common and frequent sports of any track and field event. The capacity to "run like the wind" and for very long distances has always been admired by mankind. It is in this spirit of athletic ability and competition that we offer our running ornaments. You can create your own jogger ornament, marathon runner ornament, running girl ornament or runner dude as customers have referred to them. Personalize the ornament of your choice with the recipient's name, the year, and at your option a runner's jersey number or team name. Each of our runner ornaments arrives in our classic black velvet bag, ready to make a great personalized gift.

Runner & Running Ornaments in Bulk, Cheap

All of our running Christmas ornaments can be purchased in bulk. Discounts begin at 12 ornaments, and make great gifts for competition runners. You can personalize them individually for each recipient, or you can personalize all of the runner ornaments with the name of the competition. Please click on the Contact Us link below, and tell us what your specific requirements are. We are happy to create a custom running ornament package to meet your needs.

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