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Probably one of the oldest sports on the planet, cave paintings exist of swimming from 5000 B.C. Perhaps the most ancient and famous swimming pool in the world is found in India's palace Mohenjo Daro which dates from 2800 B.C. As a competitive sport, the first organized events are recorded in Europe in the early 1800s. Swimming joined the Olympic Games of Athens in 1896. Today's star swimmers are still born at the Olympic Games. One of the first was Johnny Weissmuller who was the fastest swimmer on the planet based on his Olympic times of the 1920s. Weissmuller went on to star in the Tarzan movies of the 1920s and 1930s. Today's swim stars rarely become actors, but most commonly associate themselves with sports products like Mark Spitz and his 1970 Schick razor commercials, Michael Phelps with Wheaties, and Ryan Lochte reportedly pulls in nearly $3MM per year endorsing AT&T, Schick, Speedo and others. Most of us don't mind seeing these stars in ads for decent products. We admire them. We admire their dedication and their accomplishments. To honor all the dedicated swimmers, we offer our swimming ornaments for boys and girls, men and women, blonds and brunettes. Find a swimming ornament personalized for your favorite swimmer with his or her name, the year and/or your heartfelt sentiment of congratulations.

Swimming Christmas Ornaments Wholesale and in Bulk

If you're having a swimming birthday party, we can create an assortment of swim ornament designs as party favors. You can personalize them individually, or in bulk personalized with the name of the birthday party's host and his or her well wishes. You can also pre-personalize girl swimming ornament and/or male swimming ornament designs for winners in a large swim meet or competition. Whatever your needs, let us know. We're happy to create a bulk or wholesale package.

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