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Custom Christmas Ornaments

We can custom make any ornament for your business advertising, school or fundraising needs. Some examples have been planetarium ornaments, sports center ornaments, new gym ornaments, new swimming pool ornaments, and a host of others including school mascot ornaments as well as business logo ornaments.

More often than not, the custom ornaments we create need to have a sophisticated, high-end look. Thus while we offer ornaments in resin, blown glass is the most common request. The custom work we've done is extensive over the last 25 years. Please see some photos of our showroom, as well as the hand crafted attention every ornament we make receives. For details in creating your unique custom ornament, click here.

Our Showroom


Hallway at Showroom

Creating Blown Glass Custom Ornaments


We start with your design, or our art department creates a drawing with dimension specs from your concept or idea. You can provide a description with images from the internet as guidelines. We then create your design in clay. This model below was for a custom ornament honoring a retired hospital ship:


Custom Clay Model


After you approve the clay model, we create a steel mold. We then create the glass tubes needed for the specified thickness of your glass ornament. See a sample steel mold below, along with the glass tubes being heated for production.


Steel Mold Heating the Glass


The heated glass is then blown into the mold to create your custom ornament, and then released when cooled.


Blowing the Glass Custom Ornament Released from Mold


We then line the inside of your ornaments with silvering solution, and from there it's onto painting, glittering and applying any other add-ons needed for your design. We offer all kinds of custom packaging from blister packs to foam to custom bubble wraps. Your ornaments are then packed to your specs and shipped either by air or by sea to your door.


retail PVC packaging Custom Freight on Board

Contact Us

We're happy to discuss your project with you, give design advice and assistance, and go over the production process with you. Please click here to contact us.

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