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Skateboarding emerged from the California surfing culture of the 1950s. In the beginning, "skateboards" were often crates with roller skates secured to the bottom. No company was making skateboards at that time, and it wasn't until the late 50s that enthusiasts could purchased layered wood planks similar to those in use today. The problem was that nobody was making wheels except clay wheels which are difficult to control on anything other than a smooth wood roller skating rink. Finally, in the 1972, Cadillac Wheels was born and provided urethane wheels to the skateboarding hobbyist. Competitions began to pop up in California, and by the mid 70s, there were skate shops across the USA. Kids love to do tricks and amazing feats of daring on skateboards, and it's that sense of unbridled adventure that we celebrate with our skateboard ornament collection. You'll find skateboard Christmas ornaments for boys and girls, as well as tricked-out fancy skateboards, all of which can be personalized to make an extra special gift. Our skateboard ornaments arrive (at your option) in our classic black velvet pouch, ready to make a much appreciated and thoughtful personalized Christmas ornament gift.

Skateboard Christmas Ornament Wholesale and in Bulk

Wholesale and bulk pricing begins at 12 ornaments. All of our skateboarding ornaments can be personalized or not for your special event. In many cases, we've personalized the ornaments with well wishes from the birthday boy as party favors. You can also personalize them individually for competition winners. Whatever your needs, click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and tell us. We're happy to get creative with you and develop a custom skateboard ornament package that's perfect for you.

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