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Jet Ski Ornaments

It was a surprise for us to discover that Jet Ski is not a general term in the English language. Just like Kleenex and Hoover, Jet Ski is a brand name owned by Kawasaki to describe their "personal recreational watercraft" first introduced in the 1970s. At that time, the Jet Ski platform for standing was quite narrow, similar to a water ski of today, and required the rider to stand one foot behind the other as if side-saddling while standing on the craft. They were challenging to ride, and after numerous wrecks and lawsuits, "Jet Skis" were created with much wide platforms to stand on, and today, are usually seated/ridden on small boats which utilize the original jet propulsion method of locomotion. Other common brands are Sea-Doo ornament and WaveRunner ornament styles which allow people of any age to ride along and enjoy the lake or ocean. To commemorate the fun these craft can provide, we offer personal watercraft ornaments or Jet Ski Christmas ornament ideas that can be personalized with the rider's name and the year, as well as a custom sentiment or pet-name for the craft. Each of these ornaments as noted arrives in our classic black velvet pouch, ready to make a fun personalized gift.

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