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Where do you ship to?

We ship all over the world, to every country on the planet except Italy. Place your order, and you'll be able to choose your country from the drop-down Ship-to Country list during the checkout process.

Time to Ship

Production time is the time is takes us to personalize and/or process your order from the time you place it to the time we ship it. Excluding weekends, 97% of orders ship within 1-3 business days. Ornaments which require attaching musical instruments and/or pets take an extra 2 days for processing and drying or curing time. Orders placed on Thanksgiving Day through that weekend can require 5-6 days to process, and will arrive in the first week or so of December if First Class mail is chosen. 100% of our work is done by hand, and we appreciate your planful patience as we create your personalized ornaments for you.

If there is a delay beyond a week, we will email you once an issue is identified. In these rare cases, the issue is usually we have 20 pieces in stock and someone wants to order 23 pieces. For comfortable planning, we suggest allowing a minimum of 4 week days to produce, pack and deliver to the courier, and an additional 3 days for Priority or 6 days for First Class. For peak season (Nov 28 - Dec 24), additional time may be required.

At the time of shipment, we will email you, notifying you of the shipment, the date, the shipping method, the tracking number, and an url where you can logon and track your order on a daily basis if you so desire.  Standard shipping is USPS First Class mail which the Post Office states takes "about a week".  You may also be presented with additional shipping options which shorten the length of the shipping time after we tender the package to the courier.  For USPS Priority Mail, the post office estimates 3 days shipping time, but does not guarantee an actual delivery date.  FedEx is no longer offered because that company has lifted its money-back guarantee during November and December. Nobody wants to pay $80 to overnight an order that's 2 days late with no possibility of refund. For this reason, we stick with the Post Office.

Shipping Costs

Our shipping charges are based on the US Postal Method of determining the rate which is a calculation of: package weight, package dimension, and distance to destination. Their rate schedule is built into our website to do these calculations automatically. For an exact quote, enter your order and the shipping screen will show you the exact amount including lowest cost and/or fastest service based on the specific ornaments you entered, (weight and packed dimensions) and your zip code, (distance to destination). As an estimate, most single ornament shipments cost around $6.00 to ship. Glass ornaments add several dollars due to additional packaging required to make sure they arrive safely to you. Large/expensive/Radko ornaments add $6-7 to arrive safely. Two to three additional ornaments are rather inexpensive to ship, usually adding only $2-4 dollars depending upon weight and size. In other words, the more ornaments in box, the lower the shipping cost per ornament. A single ornament starts off with the carrier's minimum charge.

Shipping Methods & Destinations

Shipments within the USA

In the US, we offer First Class Mail and Priority Mail.

Shipments To Canada

We ship to Canada regularly without difficulty. However, please note that Canadian Customs can and does hold packages for inspection. For reasons unknown to us, Canadian Customs withholds approximately 35% of all shipments shipping between December 6th - 20th. Withheld packages take 3-4 weeks to be delivered. Naturally, this extraordinary delay causes great inconvenience, creating a situation in which ornaments ordered in early December arrive after Christmas. This situation is beyond our control. Knowing about it, arms you to make a good decision based on your needs. We recommend ordering by December 5th or earlier for this reason.

Shipments Outside North America

We commonly ship to Australia, but are no longer shipping to anywhere in the "European Union," and we specifically never ship to Italy due to repeated postal theft by the postal employees. The "European Union" is now requiring the shipper to have a special account which they required to be advance-funded where we pay a tax not-known until after the shipment. Clearly, they did not have the best interests of their citizens in mind. We decline to participate in their tax-grabbing scheme.

Order Tracking

At the time of shipment, we will send you an email notifying you of the date of shipment, method, and tracking number.  We will also provide to you an url where you can track your USA-domestic package's progress to its destination on a daily basis. Foreign shipments are not trackable if your country does not scan and use the USPS barcode. Canada Post has recently added this information so that you're able to track your shipment across the border and locally within Canada.

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