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Veterinarian Ornaments

While there are various efforts to produce a medical discipline for animals as long ago as ancient Egypt, today's practice of veterinary medicine stems most clearly from the "horse doctoring" dating from the 1300s. Later, specific herbs and even tonics were developed for various horse pathologies. As practices expanded, it was clear a thorough and complete anatomy of animals needed to be developed, and in 1762, the first veterinary college in Europe was founded in Lyon, France. Since that time, vet medicine has greatly benefitted from advances in modern medical science from humans, including antibiotics and non-harmful treatments for pests like ticks and fleas. In honor of those doctors that care so deeply for our beloved animals and pets, we offer our Veterinarian ornaments. Each can be personalized with the year and either his or her name, or your custom heartfelt sentiment of thanks. You can also include a custom message on the reverse side where offered. Our veterinary Christmas ornaments arrive (at your option) in our class black velvet pouch, ready to make a thoughtful and caring gift to a special vet or vet tech.

Veterinarian Ornaments Cheap & Bulk

You can mix and match both Veterinarian Doctor ornaments with vet tech ornament ideas. Click on the Contact Us link below if you're needing to order Veterinarian ornaments in bulk for staff, personnel, students or as office party favors. We're happy to put together a custom Veterinarian ornament package for your exact needs.

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