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The oldest record of weight lifting as a sport is found in Chinese texts that date from 5000 B.C. We see similar scenes depicted amongst Greek urns dating around 2000 B.C. In the late 1600s, Church bells were used, and after removing the clappers, they were referred to as dumb bells. Weight lifting was included in the 1896 Olympic Games, and became standardized by 1932 with 3 competitive lifts: the press, the snatch, and the clean & jerk. Since the 50s, gyms have proliferated around the US, making anaerobic exercise an integral part of most individuals' health routines. In honor of these institutions that help us keep ourselves in top shape, we offer our weight lifting ornaments. Find a weightlifter ornament personalized for men and women, blonds and brunettes. Each of our weightlifting Christmas ornaments arrives in our black velvet drawstring bag, ready to make a great personalized Christmas ornament gift.

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