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Law Enforcement Police Ornaments

At the national level, the Department of Defense includes the FBI, DEA, ATF, the United States Marshals and the Bureau of Prisons. On the State level, most states also have marshals that serve state-wide, as well as police departments in all major jurisdictions that serve the immediate city as well as surrounding townships and counties. And while no system of policing is perfect, the United States enjoys one of the lowest levels of crimes in industrialized nations. The actual crime rate quadrupled from 1960-1990 in the US, but has been in sharp decline ever since, and is now 1960 levels. Numerous factors have contributed, but overall we have 3 times as many policemen and policewomen working since 1990 than in the 3 decades preceding. 1990 also saw the institution of the "3 strikes you're out" law, so many of the habitual criminals are now populating the prison system. To honor those men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe, we offer our police ornaments. You can choose both male and female, blond and brunette, recent police academy graduate, or for seasoned veteran. Personalize with his or her name, their rank and the year. Each of our police Christmas ornaments arrives in our velvet gift pouch.

Police Offer Ornaments Cheap & Bulk

Our police officer Christmas ornaments and police car ornaments can be combined to create a bulk purchase for graduates of the police academy or as retirement party gifts. You can personalize them individually with each police offer's specific information, or you can personalize them in bulk for the entire class. Whatever your needs, please click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page and share with us the specific requirements of your project. We're happy to put together a custom police ornament package for you.

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