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Privacy Policy


When you use our site Russell Rhodes Christmas Ornaments, you provide us with certain personal information at the time of sale. This information has two purposes, as determined by you, and we explain them below.

The Information We Collect and Retain

If you choose to log in and/or create an account, the information you enter that we will retain includes:

Your name
Account number
Email address
Order history

NOTE: At no time do we maintain financial information.

The primary purpose of creating an account is so that you may review your prior years' orders to insure you do not duplicate ornaments previously purchased. If you choose not to create an account, none of the information you enter is retained at all. We will only have a record of your order for the purposes of insuring prompt and accurate delivery. In this regard as well, no financial information is retained except the cost of the item(s) purchased, the cost of shipping, and the cost of any applicable tax.

Third Party Companies

We use third-party companies to handle credit card purchases, as do the vast majority of online retailers. Your financial information is received by us and sent to financial institutions via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is the most secure means of protecting your financial data.

Modifying or Deleting Your Personal Information

Your information, such as your email address, password or shipping address, can be easily modified or deleted entirely by logging into your account using the tab at the top of each page. As noted above, if you do not register for an account, none of this information will be retained by Russell Rhodes.

Technologies We and Our Third Party Advertising Partners Use

Russell Rhodes employs cookies to keep track of your activities on our site. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device for record-keeping purposes. Session cookies expire when you close the browsers you used to visit Russell Rhodes. Persistent cookies remain on your device longer. We and our third party partners use both types of cookies to improve your experience on our site including making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Cookies also give us the ability to monitor, evaluate and improve our website’s performance. We use persistent cookies to track your activities on our website. Our Advertising Partners also place persistent cookies on your device when you visit our website in order to recognize you and provide you with advertisements that will interest you and potentially save you money. The cookies we collect do not directly identify you. In other words, they are never connected with the personal data you have provided to us. If it is found that any of our partners violate this policy, we will no longer work with them. You can delete cookies from your browser by following the directions provided in the browser “help” catalog. There, you will also be able to decline cookies from our site, but keep in mind that doing so may interfere with your use of the Russell Rhodes site.

Compliance with EU Requirements

The EU has additional requirements about data collection, and we are in complete compliance with EU law such as the EU’s e-Privacy Directive.

Join our Email List to Receive Discount Coupons

If you choose to, you can sign up for our email list where we will only maintain your name and email address. We send out a maximum of 2 emails per year offering coupons and other new product information. Your contact information is retained for that purpose and that purpose only. We never share with or sell your information to anyone. You are always offered the option of opting out of further communications from Russell Rhodes by choosing that option at the bottom of any email we send you from the mailing list you join.

In summary, all data obtained is either deleted after purchase, or maintained under the two circumstances above and only per your request. Any information you ask us to retain strictly prohibits and does not include any personal financial details associated with the payment process.

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