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Sky Diving Ornaments

There are numerous accounts of entertainers at the ancient Chinese court as long as several 1000 years ago, using contraptions similar to tying several umbrellas together to jump from heights and land safely. In the middle ages, there are records of jumpers using supported bed sheets and other similar devices. But it's not really until the late 1800s that anything resembling a modern-day parachute was shown to be consistently reliable and effective. Numerous jumpers hired hot air balloons to put on spectacles for their jumps. But it was shortly after the Wright Brothers' successful airplane flight that inventors began working on "throw it in the air" types of parachutes. Dangerous and not always effective, the birth of modern sky diving rests firmly on the shoulders of Leo Stevens who, in 1908, invented the rip cord parachute. From that moment on, people have been jumping from airplanes to entertain and thrill. To celebrate your sky diving adventure, we offer sky diving ornaments for both men and women. Personalize the skydive ornament with his or her name and the year. These ornaments arrive (at your option) in our classic black velvet bag.

Skydiving Christmas Ornaments Wholesale and in Bulk

Wholesale and bulk pricing begins at 12 ornaments for our skydiving ornaments. Perfect for graduating classes or groups of friends who enjoy sky diving together, let us know if you need to purchase these ornaments in bulk. We're happy to get creative with you and develop a custom package that's perfect for you.

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