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Snow skiing has been around for as long as man has populated colder climates. Skis with bindings of animal hide have been found in both Norway, Sweden and Greenland. They date as far back as 2200 B.C., and in Norway, a primitive cave carving dating back to 5000 B.C. depicts a man skiing on snow-laded slopes. Modern skiing has come a long way since the days of old, with ultra sleek and fast polymers combined with pressure treated wood gives skiers today extremely maneuverable nearly effortless downhill potential. Alpine skiing originated in the European Alps and includes both freestyle and helicopter skiing. Nordic skiing originated in Scandinavia, and unlike Alpine, this style of boot attaches to the ski only in the front. Nordic styles include cross country, ski flying where jumps propel the skier in the air for not less than 80 meters, and other forms of extreme skiing. In celebration of this great sport and the wonderful exercise it provides, we offer our snow ski ornaments. Find a ski ornament for men and women, boys and girls, blonds and brunettes. You can find styles in the ski lift, mogul skiing, and downhill. Each of our ski Christmas ornaments arrives nestled in our classic black velvet pouch, ready to make a great personalized Christmas ornament gift.

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