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Baton Twirling Ornaments

Baton twirling has its genesis in the twirling of knives, maces and other medieval items of war in festivals and fairs held in Western Europe. These heavier implements were replaced with hollow ends of metal when gymnastics and balance entered the sports as women twirled behind the drum major in marching bands. The sports itself landed in the United States when it was introduced at Millsap's College in the deep South shortly after the Civil War. Today, the sport is combined with rhythmic dance and gymnastics to give us the current displays of athletics and poise as performed by majorettes. They are usually in the front of a marching band of the kind enjoyed at major football events, and a World Baton Twirling Federation regularly holds championship tournaments. Our baton twirler ornaments can be personalized for the special athlete in your life with her name as well as the year. You could also personalize the ornament with a message on the back side and/or the team's name.

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