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While historians agree that there is historical evidence for boxing as far back as 4000 BC, most are comfortable placing its origins in ancient Rome and Greece from which we have artistic and written evidence as a form of "pugilism". At that time, leather straps were sometimes applied around the fists, and at other times those leather straps were impregnated with glued glass shards. Modern boxing as we know it is commonly attributed to Jack Boughtonis, revered as the "father of boxing" who first established "a set of civilized rules by which to compete as a pugilist for sport" in the late 1700s. Today, boxing has both it's traditional form, as well as new adaptations including other forms of fighting and mixed martial arts. As an aerobic sport, training for a boxer can't be beat. We offer boxing ornaments for both men and women that can be personalized. Our boxing Christmas ornaments arrive (at your option) in our exclusive black velvet bag, ready to make a great gift.

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For a graduation class of young boxers, we're happy to create a special discount or wholesale package for you. Many trainers accept young athletes, and a personalized boxing ornament is a great way to congratulate them at the end of their practice year. Simply click on the Contact Us link in the banner at the bottom of the page and send us an email with your needs. We're happy to assist you in creating something fun that will be appreciated and mean a great deal to class participants.

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