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Camping in America has a rich and storied past. We forget in modern times how women were not allowed to vote, let alone explore nature. The first camp in the US was established in 1861 called the Gunnery Camp. Mr. Gunnery ran a boys' school and took them all on a camping trip, hiking to their destination, pitching tents, fishing, trapping and hunting. The camp lasted for 2 weeks. It was so successful, that it continued for the next 12 years. There have been many milestones in camping since then, one of the most remarkable being the introduction of the bifurcated skirt. Women did not wear pants, and so as to not offend the common sensibility, in 1902 Ms. Laura Mattoon founded a camp exclusively for girls -- Camp Kehonka -- asserting that young girls needed to experience nature firsthand for themselves. The skirt looks more like high-legged pair of pants to us today, but at the time was touted as "a skirt for each leg". Hilarious. Luckily, life is not so uptight these days, and men, women and children by the 10s of 1000s are able to enjoy camping each year as a family event. To commemorate a special summer camp for girls or family adventure, we offer numerous camping ornaments that can be personalized. Each arrives in our exclusive black velvet bag, ready to make a great yearly reminder of the fun enjoyed by all.

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