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While the cue stick has a relatively new history--specifically the early 1800s--billiards is mentioned in the works of Shakespeare and others before him, as early as the 1400s. English billiards has its history quite distinct from Carom billiards which involves no pockets at all. Today's "pool" comes to us from English billiards, using a table of 6 pockets of 7, 8, or 9 feet in length whereas the traditionally British billiards table is roughly 10 x 6 feet. In all championship play, tables are constructed of slate under the fabric cover, and the slate is heated to 9 degrees above room temperature to prevent moisture in the fabric and to insure the play is true. We celebrate this venerable old game with our billiards ornaments featuring billiard balls. We also offer pool ornaments which feature the traditionally American arrangement within the rack. You can personalize our billiard Christmas ornaments with the recipient's name and the year.

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