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Bird Ornaments & Other Winged Animals

Beginning with John James Audubon's book The Birds of America published in the mid 1800s, American's love of birds became a national past time, giving birth to the hobby of bird watching and even bird safaris. Since that time, we've become even more aware of the gorgeous birds that inhabit the Amazon rain forest; from cockatoos to Macaws, their famous multi-colored plumage can't be beat. There are also migratory birds that venture in the heart of Africa, only to return to their homes across Europe. In our collection of bird ornaments, we offer birds from all over the globe, birds big and small, colorful and well camouflaged. Where noted, each bird ornament arrives in our black velvet pouch, ready to make a superlative gift. The blown glass birds ornaments hail from American and European artists, many of which have original bird feathers incorporated as part of the design. Lastly, we've also added additional animals with wings like butterfly ornaments and several dragonfly ornament designs.

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