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Scuba diving came about as a combination of factors converged. Specifically, the first googles on record were made in Persia with the aim of helping divers see under water. Weighted, large barrels were the first attempt to provide divers with an air supply longer than one breath in the 1600s. In 1771, a British engineer designed the first air pump to keep the air in the barrels used breathable for extended amounts of time. So, it was over the course of 1000s of years that we arrive, finally at 1921 and the brilliance of the now-famous Jacques Cousteau. It was Jacques and a partner that developed the demand regulator that would supply air upon demand and maintain pressure in the diver's lung equivalent to the water pressure around him or her. So, we've been diving now, Scuba style for about 90ish years and loving every minute of it. Our scuba ornaments feature both men and women. You can personalize the scuba diving ornament or scuba fins ornament with his or her name and the year, and/or with a favorite dive spot or grotto name. Each of these ornaments arrives in our classic velvet pouch, ready to make a welcomed and thoughtful personalized Christmas ornament gift.

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