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With the arrival of the first child and all the learning curve that involves long since done, and the challenges of the second child inculcated and applied, the third child brings not only joy but a sense of real accomplishment. Many couples feel terrifically relaxed when the third child arrives; they feel they know how to be good parents now, and we often hear parents say to the baby of the family that they made their mistakes on the oldest, got better and more competent with the second, and get to enjoy the third with far less angst. We offer our family of 5 ornaments to honor all those families who made one of life's great adventures into the joyful realm of the family of 5. Choose from ornaments hand painted in great detail made of resin, or handcrafted polymer clay for that truly home-crafted look. We also offer several blown glass ornaments, any of which make wonderful personalized family of 5 Christmas ornaments with which to commemorate the season. In many cases, you can also include a custom sentiment on the reverse side of the ornament to create something special for just this year or to mark a special family event. Nearly every family of 5 has one or more pets, and they can join in the celebration as well with our family ornament of 5 plus dog ornaments. We offer the dogs in tan, white and black. Include the pet's name for a truly special personalized ornament for the entire family.

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