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Dental Hygienist & Assistant Ornaments

Dr. C. Edmond Kells was the first dentist to create an official dental assistant position. He called the position which he began to hire as "Ladies in Attendance." Malvina Cueria was the first full-time assistant he hired back in 1885, and she along with the dentist, developed a "position description" which became the cornerstone for all future dental assistants. The first dental assistants association was founded in New York in 1921. With the prevalence of cavities and the necessary pulling of diseased teeth, an increasing attention and interest began to form around dental hygiene. Irene Newman became the first hygienist on record in 1906. The dentist for whom she worked began to market the service as "a thorough cleansing of the teeth so as to avoid caries and other diseases of the mouth". Since then, the profession blossomed with word spreading about the prevention of losing teeth through a professional cleaning service. In honor of this much needed and wonderful profession, we offer our personalized dental assistant and dental hygienist ornaments. Find these ornaments for both men and women, blonds and brunettes. Each of these ornaments as noted arrives in our exclusive black velvet bag, ready to make a wonderful personalized gift.

Dental Hygienist Ornaments Cheap & Bulk

Click on the Contact Us link below if you're needing to order dential hygienist Christmas ornaments in bulk for staff, personnel, students or as office party favors. We're happy to put together a custom dental assistant ornament and/or dental hygienist ornament package for your exact needs.

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