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Dog Ornaments

Often described as "man's best friend", today's domesticated dog has a rich history of specialized breeding over the last several 1000 years. The first geological find of an animal more like a domesticated dog and less like the gray wolf was found and dated to be 33,000 years old in a Siberian cave in the Altai mountains range. But it's not until around 10,000 years ago that we see the first fossilized remains of animals that closely resembled today's domesticated and much loved pets. Dogs were originally domesticated as great helpers, in cleaning up the scraps from a hunt so as not to attract other predators. The dogs were also key in capturing and ultimately subduing the prey. Dogs were later used less to help kill for food, and more to help manage the food. When mankind developed herds of animals, the dogs were trained to keep them in a specified area as they grazed. Since that time, dogs serve the blind and many important uses, but also to entertain and to keep us company. Perhaps even more importantly, dogs are considered by many people to be members of the family, and are often treated with enormous amounts of love and attention, as well as comforts. From hunter to herder, to protector to companion day spas are now all the rage so your doggie can be pampered while the family is at work. It's in honor of this old and faithful friend that we offer our dog Christmas ornaments collection. We offer Christmas ornaments for dogs that can be personalized with his or her name and the year. You'll also find dog photo frame ornaments to give your pooch a place of honor on the family Christmas tree, a blown glass dog house, and dogs wrapped up in Christmas lights.

Memorial Christmas Ornaments for Dogs

Every member of the family enjoys a special, loving relationship with the family dog, and it can be devastating to bury the family pet. Dogs hold such a special place in our hearts, beloved and always loving. Each of our custom dog ornaments can be personalized as a lasting tribute. Our memorial Christmas ornaments for dogs can include their name, as well as their birth and passing dates, and where noted, each arrives in our exclusive black velvet bag as is appropriate for such a special member of the family. You can also find a collection of family ornament with white, brown and black dogs. Our personalized family and pet Christmas ornaments can be this year's ornament, or a memorial ornament to show the togetherness of the family unit upon the passing of a much loved dog.

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