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In relatively ancient history, darts emerge with Roman armies, bored and stationed only for the purpose of occupation. Knives were commonly thrown at tree trunks which, over time, splintered into sections, and points were given based on the thinner sections being more difficult to hit with accuracy. Modern darts finds its origins in the pubs of Great Britain. Wood and clay were originally used to construct the dart board, but it wasn't until that advent of the board created by binding sisal fibers that the game proliferated because the board needed no maintenance (unlike wood and clay), and were able to be manufactured on a large scale. The numbering system we know today was created in was created Brian Gamlin, a carpenter living in Lancashire, North West of England in 1896. Today, darts are played in amateur competitions in America's bars, as well as professionally beginning in 1978 with the establishment of the World Championship of Darts. To celebrate this rich history, we offer several darts ornaments that can be personalized for the amateur and professional alike. Available in both inexpensive resin as well as hand blown glass, each arrives in our exclusive black velvet bag, ready to make a great personalized gift.

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For club owners, bar managers and other organizers of darts tournaments, we are happy to create a special package at wholesale for you as "trophies" to be won in your local championship rounds. A well known crowd pleaser (and bar tab generator), tournament dart games are now enjoyed all across the US. We can individually personalize the darts Christmas ornaments for the winning players, or we can personalize the bulk of them with your bar's name with tournament name and date. Click on the Contact Us link below and let us know what your needs are. You might also include a little history of the game for your gift recipients.

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