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Alongside the Army, the US Marines are the next oldest-serving branch in the US military. The Marines were established literally to conduct maritime affairs, specifically ship to ship combat and amphibious warfare. Known for their extraordinary ability to respond to conflicts within minutes and to appear "out of nowhere" on the other side of the globe, the US Marines have served in nearly every conflict since the American Revolutionary War, and provided vital insertion know-how and ability at the drop of a dime. Humbled, it is our honor to be able to offer handmade ornaments specifically made for these brave men and women. Choose from our US Marine ornaments for both men and women, in dress blue uniform or in desert camo gear. We offer a glass ball for Marine veterans, as well as a Marine Mom ornament. You can personalize any of these to create a US Marine wife ornament as well. Include your Marine's name and rank and the year, and you can also personalize the Marine Christmas ornament with a custom, heartfelt sentiment where offered.

US Marine Ornaments Wholesale & in Bulk

Nobody ever really knows where our Marines are, and it's a great testament not only to the Marines and their leaders, but also to the families of these Marines. Their sacrifice is significant and broad. For large orders for Marine units or groups of retired Marines, we're happy to offer discounts on bulk orders. You can personalize our Marine Corps ornaments individually with each Marine's personal information, or you can personalize them wholesale for the Marine unit or to commemorate a special mission or camp. Please click on the Contact Us link below, and let us know what your specific needs are. We're happy to create a special discount program for you.

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