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Kayak Christmas Ornaments

The first kayaks were created by the Inuit people that inhabited the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Russia. The kayaks were built by bending soaked wood to create a frame. Once cured and dried, the frame was covered in seal skin, making it perfectly water tight and partially insulated. At that time, kayaks were built in two forms. One form was wider than the other, and was created to hold large capacities of fish, while the other form was slender, sea worthy and quite fast designed for travel between villages. Today, kayaking enthusiasts enjoy the sporting, aerobic exercise provided by these one-person canoes on lakes, rivers and oceans. In celebration of the sport, we offer our personalized kayak ornaments that can include the paddler's name and the year, and in some cases the name of the kayak or the destination and trip enjoyed. Each of our kayak Christmas ornaments arrives in our black velvet pouch for protection and great gift giving.

Kayak Ornament Bulk, Cheap

All of our kayak Christmas ornament ideas can be purchased in bulk or cheaply. Discounts begin at 12 ornaments, and are usually purchased as souvenirs for a group kayaking trip. Whatever your need, please click on the Contact Us link below, and tell us what your specific requirements are. We are happy to create a custom kayak ornament package to meet your needs.

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