Custom Christmas Ornaments

Russell Rhodes custom Christmas ornaments can be created for any special event or retail need. We create custom ornaments in resin, blown glass, ceramic, and engraved styles.

Time of Year

Manufacturing for all things Christmas has its season. Retail demand requires Christmas goods to be on hand not later than early November to allow for national distribution to outlets across each country to be on shelves right after Thanksgiving. This means that all goods must leave factories in China not later than the end of September. This allows 4-6 weeks to travel by ocean container and clear Customs at point of import.

Manufacturing runs roughly from March until September. Thus, all custom requests need to be on hand with artwork finalized and samples approved by March or April. There are times a custom ornament request can be fulfilled in June as long as the client can accept delivery by air freight around the end of November or early December.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

There are fixed costs in any custom project. The factory has minimums they must meet in terms of raw materials. For example: a specific glitter color must be custom ordered at a minimum of 10 kilos. The more ornaments you order, the lower the ornament price can be because the fixed costs get allocated across each ornament. The molds required to create a resin or blown glass ornament usually run around $2500, and by the time all costs are determined at the factory ordering "just 1 special ornament" would likely be a $4500 ornament. Ordering 500 of the same design would more than likely be around $8.50 per glass ornament. Resin ornaments are less expensive and generally run in the $5-8 range. Given the fixed costs, special order materials cost, and Chinese export fees, it is typically not economically feasible to order fewer than 500 pieces of any one design. If, on the other hand, you need 250 custom ornaments that are going to donors each of whom donated $50,000 or more to your cause, spending $20+ per ornament would make perfect sense. We will work with you on the recommended minimum based on your needs and the details of your project.

Your Design – What we Need

Very few clients have in-house art departments. The bare minimum we need can be a sketch (line art or color), photographs or digital art. The sculptor can be relied on to generate your "idea" into reality. From there, edits can be made in the clay to fine-tune your design before the production molds are made.

Contact Us

We're happy to discuss your project with you, give design advice and assistance, and go over the production process with you. Please click here to contact us.

Gallery of Custom Ornament Styles

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