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Obstetrician Ornaments

Obstetrics finds its origin in midwifery, literally translated as "with woman". In the 1800s, the description was changed in favor of the more properly Latin word meaning to stand before (the woman) to catch the baby. Obstetrics has come a long way from towels and a bowl of water. Women today enjoy extraordinarily high, successful birth rates with nowhere near the pain that could not be alleviated in the past. In honor of those wonderful men and women who help us bring our children into the world, we offer our Obstetrician ornaments. Each can be personalized with the doctor's name and the year, as well as an option, where noted, to personalize the reverse side with your personal message of congratulations or thanks. Where noted, our Obstetrician Christmas ornaments arrive in our exclusive black velvet pouch, ready to make a thoughtful and thankful gift.

Item: obstetrician-ROOC140A
Material: Resin
Price: 14.97

Obstetrician Ornaments Cheap & Bulk

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