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When the expecting Mom doesn't want to know her baby's gender, it can be challenging to buy her a baby gift, particularly if you have to buy a baby shower gift and nobody's telling whether it's a baby boy or a baby girl. While many guests will buy a neutral onesie in green or beige, many of our customers want to buy the mother something extra special and personalized, something she'll be able to enjoy for many years to come rather than just for the next few months. We've assembled here our solutions to that problem by offering gender-neutral baby ornaments that can be gifted no matter what the baby's gender is. All can be personalized, but when the gender isn't known, the mom will frequently have both a boy and a girl's name in mind. The solution is to purchase a baby's first Christmas ornament 2020 that isn't personalized, but which has all the correct celebratory language like "first Christmas ornament".

All artists and packing personnel wear both protective masks and gloves at all times at their workstations which are renewed each morning.
So while your ornaments will be hand personalized and hand packed, each hand is a gloved hand. We are maintaining zero human contact until further notice for everyone's protection.
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