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There are, historically speaking, two US Navy groups. The "old" Navy, was that group of sailing ships that plied the waters and fought variously in the American Civil War which traces its beginnings to the Continental Congress of October 1775. Today's modern Navy was begun in the 1880s, and by 1920 was the largest, most technologically advanced and capable Navy on the planet. Today's Navy knows no waters it doesn't ply, both at the surface and deep below. We're proud to offer ornaments specifically created for these brave men and women and their families. You can create a Navy Christmas ornament specifically for a Navy pilot, Navy seal or Navy Mom and wife. All of our Navy ornament designs can be personalized with the sailor's name and rank as well as with the year, and on several designs, you can add your own heartfelt, loving sentiment.

Navy Ornaments Wholesale & in Bulk

Our US Navy ornaments can be purchased wholesale and/or in bulk. You can choose to personalize each ornament individually per sailor, or you can purchase in bulk yet have them all personalized with the name of a ship, a destination, a particular battle or skirmish, or unit name. Bulk pricing usually begins at around 12 Navy ornaments, and you can include any combination, including our Navy veteran ornament. Please click on the Contact Us link below and let us know what your specific needs are. We're happy to create a custom Navy ornament package per your requirements.

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