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One of the most exciting things parents-to-be get to do is to choose from amongst their closest of friends who will be the child's godparents. Children are usually blessed with both a godmother and a godfather, and oftentimes two or more of each. Godparents typically attend early religious ceremonies like christenings, and send the child a gift at Christmas, Chanukkah and/or other major religious events, and on birthdays. In cases where the godparents live nearby some lucky kids are able to develop a meaningful relationship over dinner or when the godparent comes to sporting events of recitals, and is able to become an influential participant in the child's life. Whatever the extent of the relationship, children the world over usually adore the godparents who, similar to grandparents, are less concerned with the raising of the child and more interested in supporting the child in his or her interests and with love. In honor of these special relationships, we offer our godparents ornaments in the specific styles of godmother ornament and godfather ornament as godparent gift ideas. Front and center are gifts for godparents to give to the children. We offer personalized godchild ornament styles that can be personalized with the child's name and year, but most importantly a loving sentiment from the godparent to his or her godchild. Find a special goddaughter ornament to let her know each year how much she's loved. Or, send a loving message on one of our godson ornaments congratulating him on some recent accomplishment. Any of these ornaments can be used to create special godchild Christmas ornaments 2013 to make a thoughtful gift. Each arrives in our classic black velvet drawstring bag, ready to make a one-of-a-kind gift to a special godparent or godchild.

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