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Personalized Christmas Ornaments
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OUR VIRUS INITIATIVE: All artists and packing personnel wear both protective masks and gloves at all times at their workstations which are renewed each morning.
So while your ornaments will be hand personalized and hand packed, each hand is a gloved hand. We are maintaining zero human contact until further notice for everyone's protection.

Motorcycle Ornaments

Motorcycles have their genesis around the time that small combustion engines were invented. Numerous motorcycle prototypes show up around Europe, with the most well known in 1885 in Germany. From there, numerous designers and engineers entered the game as the "powered" bicycle was thought to be the transportation method of the future. The first motorcycle police patrol was created in California in 1911. And motorcycle clubs sprang up across the United States in the 30s right after the Great Depression. Today, motorcycles are designed as much as works of art as they are for speed and a smooth ride. The fastest motorcycle that is street legal has a helicopter engine for locomotion, able to cruise at speeds topping 250 miles per hour powered by its Rolls-Royce Allison gas turbine. For others, speed is less an issue than comfort. Today you can find motorcycles for 2, complete with stereos and a DVD player for the side car. To celebrate the fun and adventure they represent, we offer our motorcycle ornaments personalized for men and women. Our motorbike or motorcycle Christmas ornaments arrive (at your option) in our black velvet bag as noted, ready to make a thoughtful gift.

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