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As we grow older, we realize at first with sadness and later with understanding that friendships sometime come and go. We change, they change, life presents different paths and people grow differently and sometimes apart. But one thing we hold most dear, that we take the time and effort and sometimes sweat and tears to keep together is the family, that bedrock of life and living that gives purpose and meaning to heart and soul. To honor that group so important to each of us, we offer our personalized family ornaments. In this category, we present our family ornament designs that celebrate the family unit as a whole. You can find personalized family Christmas ornaments that honor each individual in other departments. In this one, we celebrate the family as one, so every ornament is relevant to every family regardless of size or composition. These designs all work well as large family Christmas ornaments, as well as to celebrate this year. Create your own 2019 family Christmas ornaments style with the custom sentiment of your choice. Each of these ornaments arrives as noted either in its own custom box, or in our exclusive black velvet pouch, ready to make a wonderful memento of family togetherness in celebration this year.

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