Personalized Christmas Ornaments Beyond the Usual

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Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Ornaments for Family & Relatives

Our family Christmas ornaments are located on their own category page. Click the banner below to find ornaments for Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle & Godparents.

personalized family ornaments

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Preserving Family Memories with Summer Vacation Ornaments

There's nothing more fun than traveling to fascinating, fun and relaxing places. The next best thing is finding just the right travel ornament as a memento of your trip. There are so many options, we've split them into categories. You can find beach themes; foreign and famous destination themes; nature vacations like mountain hiking or white water rafting; and the alltime favorite cruise ship ornaments that can be personalized with your specific ports of call. We also offer airplane and helicopter ornaments for a child's first plane ride ornament or first thrilling ride in a helicopter looking over Maui or mountain skiing. If you know exactly what you're looking for, type a keyword into our search feature and we'll pull up the exact matches for you. Or, browse the primary categories to see all of the ornaments that best commemorates your exciting travel, trip or vacation.

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Christmas Ornaments News

Radko Personalized Santa's List Ornament

Santa Christmas Tree Topper

For the 2015 season, we’re pleased to offer our Santa's List Home for the Holidays Radko ornament (shown far right) now available as a Russell Rhodes exclusive. This handmade, blown-glass ornament stars Santa who has just left presents in abundance to be found on Christmas morning.

Though the 2012-2014 Santa’s List ornament has sold out, the finial version (shown on right) is still available in limited quantity. The Santa’s List finial features a jolly, traditional Santa Claus above a pair of sparkling globes. This Russell Rhodes exclusive is now ON SALE for 33% off and won’t last long.

Ornaments: Custom & Fundraising Projects

For small businesses interested in reproducing the company logo, or large families interested in doing a custom ornament for a family reunion, we offer completely custom ornament making services. Please see our custom Christmas ornaments information page.

On the other hand, if you're interested in wholesale pricing because you want to do a project that involves fundraising with Christmas ornaments or you need to purchase a dozen ornaments for a kids' sports team or dozens for a special project, please click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Custom and fundraising projects usually have a minimum order requirement of 100 or more pieces whereas wholesale pricing is generally available on bulk purchases of a dozen or so ornaments.

Customer Suggestions

We appreciate and respond to all customer suggestions. Recent requests have been to produce Christmas ornaments related to finance, business, education, dentistry and other specialties, each with a custom insignia.

Please visit our custom Christmas ornaments page where you can find information on how to develop your own Christmas ornaments for company gift giving. It is not practical to create a single custom ornament as the costs are prohibitive. On the other hand, we're always interested in new design concepts. Please send your special requests to us, and we'll do our best to find the perfect ornament to meet your needs.

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