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On this page, where available we'll provide links to written text pages that cover the same information. Many people prefer to get their questions answered in a video format, and website tutorials are much easier to understand and learn in that format as well. The subject matter of each video is shown in bold, and the topics that video addresses are shown in question formats. If there's a video you'd like to see us produce, please send us an email via the Contact Us link. We would love to hear from you.

How to get the most out of your shopping experience

Video: How to use the website

Please note: this video is comprehensive at 7 minutes long. In case you have a single question, we've broken out the topics covered in individual snippet videos below. If you have time, this video covers everything.

Should I register?
How do I personalize an ornament?
What if I don't want to use all the personalization fields?
How can the search feature help me find ornaments under $15?
When, where and how much to ship?

What font will you use on my ornaments?

Video: Fonts - How Will My Ornaments Look?

Can you do stylized little balls on the ends of letters like the mall cart does?
What if I want ALL CAPS?
Do you personalize with a laser or other machine?
What if I want some letters bold and others in italics and then some scripted and some printed?

How much, how far, what methods to ship?

Video: Shipping - Where, How Much & How?

Do you ship to England, Australia, Hong Kong, etc?
How fast is your turn-around?
When will I get my ornaments?
How much do you charge to ship?
Additional written shipping information

Personalization Tips - Best Practices

Video - Tips to Personalizing Your Ornaments

Can you do special math symbols? Greek letters?
I usually type in ALL CAPS BECAUSE ITS EASIER FOR ME. Will you go ahead and do my ornaments regularly?
What if I don't want my ornament personalized?
What if I only need some of the available personalization fields?

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