Spun Glass Ornaments

By definition, spun glass is the end product of taking long, clear glass rods, heating them, and then twisting and pulling pieces of the semi-molten glass into desired shapes before it cools. Blown glass ornaments are similar in that a glass rod is heated, yet differs in that the rod is melted into a ball, placed on the end of a blowing pole, and then blown by air pressure into the glass which then presses into the sides of a pre-created mold. The still-warm glass is cut off at the top of the mold, and once cooled, the blown glass ornament is removed from the mold. With spun glass, instead of blowing and a blowing pole, the artist grasps the rod with tongs and eats the opposite end, further twisting the glass bit by bit into shape, re-heating it as needed until a final piece is created free-form by hand. Each of the following ornaments are spun glass. This meticulous handiwork is rare these days, as the process is labor-intensive and requires great skill on the part of the glass artist.

Kissing Swans
Kissing Swans
Item: spun-glass-GOALS11450
Material: Spun Glass
Price: 24.97

Mermaid Under the Sea Blown Glass
Mermaid Under the Sea Blown Glass
Item: mermaid-GOG65930
Material: Glass
Price: 19.97

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