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We all have friends we're still close to from our childhood, as well as friends that are neighbors, and even friends from work. As every relationship is different, some we can joke with and others require a more conservative statement. We've assembled our ornaments for friends according to taste. Our traditional, fun and lovely ornaments are in the catetory we call "Ornaments for Friends in Good Taste". For the slightly more "joke" inclined we have gag ornaments for friends. And since so many of our customers ask for wine ornaments, we've put those in their own category as well. In our good taste category you'll find best friends ornaments, as well as girlfriends ornaments, the kind of group that goes on trips together or plays tennis together. You'll also find Christmas ornaments for friends you don't know as well as others, but would like to send them a warm gift. We've tried to hit "every note" from the appropriate to the slightly outlandish. We hope you have fun shopping our personalized Christmas ornaments for friends.

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In many cases, groups of families or couples will go on a vacation together and are looking for an unique ornament to celebration the occasion. Behind location-themed ornaments, our customers frequently ask for an ornament that targets the friendship nature of the event. All of our friendship Christmas ornaments are available either in quantities of 6 at wholesale beginning at 24 ornaments, or in the exact quantity you need friends ornaments on sale. Click on the Contact Us link below and let us know what your specific needs and ideas are. We're happy to get creative with you and help you find just the right ornament for your friends or group.

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